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Greetings to our readers - and apologies for taking the ample period of five full days to get anything published. I'd had the very naive hope of publishing my own individually hosted travel site before I left Canada, but time ran out on that. So this travellerspoint blog will have to do!

Inbound notes:
We left Winnipeg on Friday March 9 flying YWG-YVR-HKG with only a 1-hour stopover on our second leg to Hong Kong. 01242305-7..30C19B6CF9E.jpg At check-in we noticed our seats had been changed from our original booking back in November. We were now apparently occupying middle seats in completely different rows on the plane. We asked the boarding agent and she said that at some point the aircraft type had been changed, so everyone was reshuffled into new seats on the new plane. In fact, we heard the flight was now oversold by about 30 seats, so it seemed we were lucky to have our (crap) seats at all. Preferring to sit together of course, Adam put a call into his family (several of whom are Air Canada employees of many years), to see if anything could be done. The advice we received was to leave a message with the agents in YVR indicating our preference to be seated together. To sit apart on a 13 hour flight, when we planned to share the gear in our carry-ons, would definitely be a drag!
When we began boarding in YVR it became apparent this was an ENORMOUS plane. The line up for boarding was visually endless. We waited. Once we got up to the counter the agent informed us one of us had been upgraded. We looked at each other for a second and Adam declared we could just share it. Then a flurry of activity, and she returned, to tell us we had actually both been upgraded. The realization set in that an Air Canada family member had probably worked to upgrade us. Grinning wildly (and maybe a bit teary-eyed?) we boarded the flight. I feel giddy again just writing about it.
I could do a whole post on the first class flying experience. 90_IMG_6839.jpg
The reclining lounge pods, the food, wine, noise cancelling headphones, and more. IMG_6843.jpg Suffice it to say that we were both more than a little disappointed to leave the flight, despite a 13.5 hour flying time. We arrived at the Hong Kong airport refreshed and rested for our 16-hour layover.
Since we felt great, Adam and I decided to leave the airport and go see some sights. We collected and stored our bags and headed out into Hong Kong.
This was our second time in Hong Kong as we flew into the hub about ten years earlier on our previous Southeast Asia trip. With over 7 million residents, Hong Kong is nothing if not efficient. We grabbed an express train (135km/hr) into central Hong Kong and a cab to The Peak. The Peak is a viewpoint that allows you to see most of the city. There's a tram system, originally installed in 1888, you can "ride" up the extremely steep line to the top. It was a long wait in line and we missed sunset, which was the original plan, but no bother. It was just nice to be out in a new city and killing time until our next flight.
Being Saturday night in Hong Kong, The Peak was busy with local visitors and not many visible tourists. 81E160C0D2EBD4CFCF29B09E5FA2740B.jpg It was nice to see so many young people out enjoying their city. One key takeaway is that apparently Canada is quite far behind on selfie stick technology. There were some wild devices out up there, and the people watching was great.
We headed back to the airport and counted down the hours until our 8am flight into Siem Reap, Cambodia. IMG_6917.jpg Lucky for me, there was a Starbucks right at our departure gate! We camped out in airport loungers and watched the sun come up and all the planes transiting in and out until we were called to board our Hong Kong Express flight. IMG_6921.jpg

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